Joining The Group

Info for Prospective Students

Applying to Join the Group:

I am currently building up my research group at Cornell! Right now, I am primarily looking for strong PhD students, but I am open to hiring postdocs if there is an especially good match.

My interests span graphics, vision, and HCI. Strong candidates will have research experience in at least one of these areas, and strong reference letters with at least one coming from an established researcher. Right now, I am particularly interested in students to help work on new problems in computational photography, augmented reality, and computer vision.

PhD Students:

Interested students should apply directly to the computer science PhD program at Cornell (see links below). I get a large volume of email and unfortunately do not have time to read individual messages from prospective students. PhD admissions will compile a list of qualified applicants for me to look at, and I will consider those closely. You can find links to the CS program and Cornell Grad School admissions pages here:


I am happy to work with Cornell undergrads, but have limited bandwidth for this. The best way to approach me is to take and do especially well in one of my classes, or come with a high recommendation from another faculty.


Due to the volume of email I get, I may miss messages about potential postdocs. I will try to come up with a more organized way to contact me about such opportunities. Right now the best way is probably to have someone who I already know reach out on your behalf. If you do decide to try any contact me over email, I recommend keeping the body of the email relatively short and providing links to top-tier publications you have written.