Life is high dimensional

Other Stuff

Here is some other stuff.

Caperture for iOS

I made a free iOS app based on my masters thesis. It lets you capture and view objects in 3D and send them to other people with the app. Click HERE to visit the website I set up for the app, or watch the youtube tutorial video (shown at the bottom of this page).

NOTE: Caperture is no longer maintained and does not work on new devices, but was a fun experiment in making a real-world application when I was in grad school. I'm leaving the video and website up for nostalgia...


I also like to make music as a hobby. A lot of it is nerdy rap...

The Baltimore Ingenuity Project

I am a proud graduate of the Baltimore Ingenuity Project, a STEM program for gifted students in Baltimore City Public Schools. It's a wonderful program that does a lot for kids in Baltimore who don't necessarily have the most opportunities. The Ingenuity Project is how I got my start in research, and I wouldn't be where I am today without it. To find out more, check out their website, or consider donating.

Here is a video of my talk at the 2016 Ingenuity Ideas Summit.