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Abe Davis

NOTE (Aug 19): I'm currently getting a large volume of emails. I apologize if it takes me a long time to respond. -Abe

About Me

*Update* I am now at Stanford University for my post-doctorate. I will update contact info soon.

I am a computer science PhD student at MIT working in computer graphics, computational photography, and computer vision. My adviser is Fredo Durand.

I've done a spattering of research on different topics. I'm probably best known for my work analyzing small vibrations in video - click on the Research tab to find out more.

I'm from Baltimore Maryland. I did my undergraduate at Stanford, where I worked with Marc Levoy on graphics and computational photography.

As a hobby I like to write, produce, and record music. Most of it is nerdy rap. For more on that, click the Music tab.

There is an Other tab. Right now it has some stuff about Caperture, an iOS app I wrote that lets you capture and view objects in 3D. I plan to add links to guest lectures and code in the near future.

Computational Video Editing:


Interactive Dynamic Video:

Based on our SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 publication

Updates (Summer/Fall 2015):

My TED 2015 talk is online!

Our CVPR 2015 paper was selected as an oral presentation! See the video below:

We presented our TOG paper on light fields at SIGGRAPH 2015.

I am honored to be one of Business Insider's '8 most innovative scientists in tech and engineering' for 2015.

(10/31/2015) I am in Japan presenting our SIGGRAPH Asia 2015 paper. More info and a video to follow!

We have papers at NDT-CE and IWSHM 2015 in collaboration with folks from MIT's Civil Engineering Department!
(NOTE: NDT = Non-Destructive Testing, SHM = Structural Health Monitoring)

For more about research, visit the Research tab.

Some Older Stuff:

The Visual Microphone, presented at SIGGRAPH 2015:

Laser Speckle Photography for Surface Tampering Detection, presented at CVPR 2012

Unstructured Light Fields

Fast High-Dimensional Filtering Using the Permutohedral Lattice

More old projects and videos can be found in the Research tab.