Sound in pleasing patterns


When I'm not doing research I like to make music. A lot of it is nerdy rap, filled with lots of math and science puns.

Here is a video I made for an event at the Cambridge Science Festival in 2014. The prompt was to make science look "cool." What you see below was an attempt to play with that prompt by taking pop music/rap stereotypes and applying them to science. As with the stereotypes that they are meant to satirize, the song and video can be suggestive at times, so please be warned.

You can also follow my rap persona on Twitter - right now (04/2015) he has way more followers than @abedavis:

Another example:

I also made a Japanese rap video while living in Japan for three moneths with my wonderful host family (I miss you, Haras!). It's a little less polished, but it was blast to make.

Finally, if you have seen our work on Computational Video Editing, a bit of trivia... I wrote the "Fluffles" script, which led to some inside jokes among the team working on the project... which eventually led to -- which is frankly easier to watch than explain.